Month: November 2014

That crave to share your feelings………..


Picture a situation where there are two guys, both are facing same problems in their life at same point of time, but there is a small difference, first guy has a friend to whom he share all his feelings, all the problems he is facing while our second guy, he has feelings too but he has no one to share with. now after this observation do you think there will be a different mental approach while facing that problem with those two guys. I really don’t know why but I think they will approach differently. My point is we all get feelings, we face different things every day, we got emotions and we all look for a person to share these feelings, experiences and emotions. But not everyone has this friend or a companion to do so. If you are guessing that I belong to this group of unlucky people, then unfortunately you are right. So this post is basically my personal experience. And to share my feelings via this post is not my choice.There are times when you get so full of thoughts, feelings that you try to inflict it on others even when they don’t want to listen to you, yeah we have to go through these situations as well. Sometimes some people call us reserve but the truth is we are not reserve by choice, we are reserve by force. So basically this whole problem starts at a situation where you feels that you can’t share something with anyone and it ends badly when you start sharing everything with anyone. And that’s when people starts ignoring you. They don’t want to be around you.