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Alone or stupid

I don’t know I am alone or there are other people also who have this stupid or I would say this habbit of being ‘generous’. Ok let me elaborate,  sometimes you crave for something and when you get that thing knowing the fact that someone else want it too, you give that thing to that person. I mean seriously ‘is that stupid???’. Well I personally I think it is, but as I have this habbit so I cannot criticise any more about it.

That crave to share your feelings………..


Picture a situation where there are two guys, both are facing same problems in their life at same point of time, but there is a small difference, first guy has a friend to whom he share all his feelings, all the problems he is facing while our second guy, he has feelings too but he has no one to share with. now after this observation do you think there will be a different mental approach while facing that problem with those two guys. I really don’t know why but I think they will approach differently. My point is we all get feelings, we face different things every day, we got emotions and we all look for a person to share these feelings, experiences and emotions. But not everyone has this friend or a companion to do so. If you are guessing that I belong to this group of unlucky people, then unfortunately you are right. So this post is basically my personal experience. And to share my feelings via this post is not my choice.There are times when you get so full of thoughts, feelings that you try to inflict it on others even when they don’t want to listen to you, yeah we have to go through these situations as well. Sometimes some people call us reserve but the truth is we are not reserve by choice, we are reserve by force. So basically this whole problem starts at a situation where you feels that you can’t share something with anyone and it ends badly when you start sharing everything with anyone. And that’s when people starts ignoring you. They don’t want to be around you.

Whimsical minds of indians

We all face obstacles everyday in our life no matter who we are or from where we belong. But Indians, my god they always come up with something using their whimsical mind to face these obstacles. I am also an Indian and I’ve been observing the nature of indians for quite a sometime now. I made a lot of conclusions but yesterday I saw something that blew my mind, that made me laugh & made me proud as well. Before I go further I would like you to see this picture of an Iphone5


This must be a bit difficult for you to delineate what’s going on in this pic. Let me tell you, there was some problem with the charger of this I5 so a friend of mine kept a jar of pickles on the phone to put some pressure on data cable so that it can work. Now this phone costs more than 50 grand in India but to save 1 grand on charger he used his mind and pickles, whivh hardly costs 50 bucks. Money is not an issue here all I am trying to convey you is how we indians use our mind.

Real life marketing – Part I


What is marketing? Oh I am not your prof. and neither I am taking your interview. All I want know is, what image people delineate as soon as they hear this word. usually and mostly we think about market and business. I think about life when when this word strikes me.What? Stupidity? No I would like to be called exceptional rather. Okay I am explaining this term or about this term.

Generally marketing of a product or service consists of three steps

1.)In first step you let the people or customer know that you exist.

2.) Secondly, you tell them about your goods or service that you manufacture or provide respectively

3.) You tell them about the qualities about your product and services, how good you are in pertinent to that industry.

Now try to relate and visualize these step with your life and you will find that you use these marketing tactics right from you birth to death. As soon as you come out from your mama’s belly you cry and cry a lot to tell people and your parents that you exists, from your genitals they come to know whether you are a guy or a girl, that is the second step of your first marketing, then you express your nature by your behavior, that’s the third step.

Again when you die, whole society comes to know, okay you were also there, you also existed, well next steps are done by your relatives and friends. They tell people about you in your funeral, and then everyone highlights your qualities to everyone even if you were not as good as they say. These are just the two examples I shared with you. We use these tactics almost at every crucial points of our life like when we have to impress a girl or when we have to get a job.