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When an unwanted friend calls you


A month ago I was going to to my hometown to attend my aunt’s death ceremony. While I  was in the train I got a call from a friend, well it would be better If I say we were just classmates 6-7 years ago. So here is the conversation..

He asked “Hey man how are you?”

My life was full of volcanoes and tornadoes at that time but still I replied “I am fine” and even though I don’t wanted to ask I asked “How are you?”

The reply was same from his side also.

His next question was “how’s your life going?”

As that wasn’t the game of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ so I preferred to tell him the wrong answer. so I said “life is good”.

I usually love talking to my friends but that wasn’t the perfect time so I was irritated up to my core. His next question was ” So………………(that really was a long so)..any latest news?”

Well I didn’t wanted to be rude to him so I told him the truth expecting him to understand the situation and he was quite for 2-3 seconds after hearing that and then he said ” sorry bro for your loss” and I thanked god for my dubious success.

The moment I was thinking that may be his next sentence would be his next sentence would be ‘okay I”ll talk to you later’ he said ” hey how is everyone else?”

Now how stupid was that seriously, I mean how can you say that to a person whose relative has died two days before that. It was commonsense that everyone must be sad but still I said ” oh everyone is fine”.

Again he fired next question on me which carried my irritation to the highest level.

He asked ” So tell me are you still single man?”

Yes I was still single  but how can you tell someone that you are about to be 21 and you never had a girlfriend in your life.

You know what, life is all about taking right decisions at right time so I switched my phone off without replying him


In pursuit of girlfriend


I have been in this situation a lot of times. Seriously this happened so many times with me that a girl is waiting for me to start a topic or a conversation and i couldn’t think of anything at that time. May be that’s why I am still single. I can say that I am an intellectual person but the moment I face a girl I become a dumb. So many times I tried to convince my stubborn mind to cooperate with my heart I failed every time…Now I need your advice..