Arjun, he was just like any other guy or it would be more more appropriate if I say he was like any other person. Yeah I do not appreciate any gender discrimination ūüėõ . He was a good guy, I mean he had some peccadilloes but he was better better than most of us. He had friends, family like everyone else or like most of us at least. Then why I am

writing about this Arjun guy if he is no special, because of his one habit. He had this one habit of over-thinking. He used to think a lot about his life, about his friends, about so many things, and the worst part was he was never been able to share his thoughts, his feelings to anyone. And that made him realize how alone he was. I could have used the word ‘lonely’ which makes perfect sense here, but still i used the word ‘alone’ because Arjun had lot of people in his life but still he couldn’t share his feelings to anyone. Apparently he was surrounded by people but actually he was surrounded by his ‘unshared’ feelings and his loneliness.

Why I am so alone? Look how happy other people are, Why I am so different from them?”, he asked god. He always use to blame god for his loneliness. One day he decided that he was not going to be alone any more. He had a friend, he told her everything about his habit, his feelings, his loneliness. In reply she said “I have the same problem, I have been through this period” This idea of sharing helped him but not as much as he expected, but now atleast he knew that he was alone but not the only one. He moved on with the determination to eradicate his loneliness. He was no more reserved, he was not shy any more about his feelings and his problems. He shared everything with everyone he was close to. And he was surprised every time when people told him that they been through the same problem or they

too think that they are alon

e even after having so many people around them. If he would have told me about his feelings, I would have replied the same as other people did.

The thing is we all feel lonely at times and think that other people are lucky because they are not alone. There are times in our lives when we think like Arjun. Its not about right or wrong, it’s about life…..


Alone or stupid

I don’t know I am alone or there are other people also who have this stupid or I would say this habbit of being ‘generous’. Ok let me elaborate,  sometimes you crave for something and when you get that thing knowing the fact that someone else want it too, you give that thing to that person. I mean seriously ‘is that stupid???’. Well I personally I think it is, but as I have this habbit so I cannot criticise any more about it.

Real life marketing – Part I


What is marketing? Oh I am not your prof. and neither I am taking your interview. All I want know is, what image people delineate as soon as they hear this word. usually and mostly we think about market and business. I think about life when when this word strikes me.What? Stupidity? No I would like to be called exceptional rather. Okay I am explaining this term or about this term.

Generally marketing of a product or service consists of three steps

1.)In first step you let the people or customer know that you exist.

2.) Secondly, you tell them about your goods or service that you manufacture or provide respectively

3.) You tell them about the qualities about your product and services, how good you are in pertinent to that industry.

Now try to relate and visualize these step with your life and you will find that you use these marketing tactics right from you birth to death. As soon as you come out from your mama’s belly you cry and cry a lot to tell people and your parents that you exists, from your genitals they come to know whether you are a guy or a girl, that is the second step of your first marketing, then you express your nature by your behavior, that’s the third step.

Again when you die, whole society comes to know, okay you were also there, you also existed, well next steps are done by your relatives and friends. They tell people about you in your funeral, and then everyone highlights your qualities to everyone even if you were not as good as they say. These are just the two examples I shared with you. We use these tactics almost at every crucial points of our life like when we have to impress a girl or when we have to get a job.


When an unwanted friend calls you


A month ago I was going to to my hometown to attend my aunt’s death ceremony. While I ¬†was in the train I got a call from a friend, well it would be better If I say we were just classmates 6-7 years ago. So here is the conversation..

He asked “Hey man how are you?”

My life was full of volcanoes and tornadoes at that time but still I replied “I am fine” and even though I don’t wanted to ask I asked “How are you?”

The reply was same from his side also.

His next question was “how’s your life going?”

As that wasn’t the game of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ so I preferred to tell him the wrong answer. so I said “life is good”.

I usually love talking to my friends but that wasn’t the perfect time so I was irritated up to my core. His next question was ” So………………(that really was a long so)..any latest news?”

Well I didn’t wanted to be rude to him so I told him the truth expecting him to understand the situation and he was quite for 2-3 seconds after hearing that and then he said ” sorry bro for your loss” and I thanked god for my dubious success.

The moment I was thinking that may be his next sentence would be his next sentence would be ‘okay I”ll talk to you later’ he said ” hey how is everyone else?”

Now how stupid was that seriously, I mean how can you say that to a person whose relative has died two days before that. It was commonsense that everyone must be sad but still I said ” oh everyone is fine”.

Again he fired next question on me which carried my irritation to the highest level.

He asked ” So tell me are you still single man?”

Yes I was still single  but how can you tell someone that you are about to be 21 and you never had a girlfriend in your life.

You know what, life is all about taking right decisions at right time so I switched my phone off without replying him




Veronika, who seems to have everything going against her in her life, so she decides to give her life. She even chose a date to give her life, that is a week later after she ¬†decides. Next day when she read the country’s newspaper she read so many things about how women being molested and raped. She get even more depressed, after 3 days while shopping rat poison and other stuffs which she thought she was going to use 4 days later, she saw a girl yelling on a guy that how he used her just for his entertainment. That day while laying on bed she was thinking that she was going to give her life anyway, why not she give her life by doing something for those women first. So on the fourth day she wrote a letter to government demanding a strong law in favor of women in cases where they were used by men or where they were molested by men, with a condition that she was going to burn herself right in front of the district court if the law was not passed within two days. When the officials received that letter they were shocked by the condition more than the demand. Within few hours that news about the letter was on every news channel, every one was talking about that and so were those criminals and men who were involved here and there in cases of molestation and rapes against women, they were tensed because if that law would have passed there were every chance of them going¬†to jail. So 3 of those decided to kill her on the 5th day and they did…

¬†Even though she really wanted to die this time she had to loose her life before she wanted, and we still say how beautiful this world is….