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Alone or stupid

I don’t know I am alone or there are other people also who have this stupid or I would say this habbit of being ‘generous’. Ok let me elaborate,  sometimes you crave for something and when you get that thing knowing the fact that someone else want it too, you give that thing to that person. I mean seriously ‘is that stupid???’. Well I personally I think it is, but as I have this habbit so I cannot criticise any more about it.

Responsibility over politics.

So far in my life this happened for the very first time that I cancelled everything just to hear the speech of a politician. Well I don’t know whether the word ‘politician’ is correct here or not but that is not the main issue here. I am talking about our very own hard working prime minister ‘Narendra Modi’. Unlike other famous persons he uses Hindi while giving his lectures, then what is there in his lectures that encourages a lot of people to hear him? seriously I don’t know what is there but one thing I know for sure that his earnest and diligence nature makes people follow him. We need more so called ‘politicians’ like him