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Veronika, who seems to have everything going against her in her life, so she decides to give her life. She even chose a date to give her life, that is a week later after she  decides. Next day when she read the country’s newspaper she read so many things about how women being molested and raped. She get even more depressed, after 3 days while shopping rat poison and other stuffs which she thought she was going to use 4 days later, she saw a girl yelling on a guy that how he used her just for his entertainment. That day while laying on bed she was thinking that she was going to give her life anyway, why not she give her life by doing something for those women first. So on the fourth day she wrote a letter to government demanding a strong law in favor of women in cases where they were used by men or where they were molested by men, with a condition that she was going to burn herself right in front of the district court if the law was not passed within two days. When the officials received that letter they were shocked by the condition more than the demand. Within few hours that news about the letter was on every news channel, every one was talking about that and so were those criminals and men who were involved here and there in cases of molestation and rapes against women, they were tensed because if that law would have passed there were every chance of them going to jail. So 3 of those decided to kill her on the 5th day and they did…

 Even though she really wanted to die this time she had to loose her life before she wanted, and we still say how beautiful this world is….